Prairie County, Arkansas

    Upcoming Election Dates & Information

    Upcoming Election Dates: Preferential Primary Election is May 20, 2014
    Deadline to Register to Vote for Preferential Primary Election is April 21, 2014

    The filing period for County and Township Offices will begin on February 24th at noon and end March 3rd at noon.

    Those filing as political party candidate seeking party nomination.  Must fill out affidavit of eligibility; pay political party filing fee; and file the party pledge with party official.  They must file party certificate and political practive pledge with the county clerk.  Filing must be done during regular office hours during the party filing period.

    Write-in Candidates for County and Township offices must file a written notice of write-in candidacy with the county board of election commissioners and county clerk no later than the last day of the party filing period.  They must file a political practices pledge and an affidavit of eligibility for the office with the county clerk at the same time of filing the notice of write-in candidacy.

    Independent Candidates must file a petition, political practices pledge, and affidavit of eligibility, and notice of candidacy.

    Municipal Offices (Mayor and Alderperson) will file at a later date.

    Should you have any questions do not hesitate to call.

    Janell Taylor
    Prairie County Clerk

    Election Commissioners:
    Harvey Joe Sanner - Democratic Party

    Rita Dobson - Republican Party

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